"Sokkal értékesebb a magad alkotta ajándék. – Amíg készíted, mindig arra gondolsz, akié lesz. Nem egy pillanat csak, amíg megveszed, hanem hosszú órák, esték, amíg elkészülsz. Ezalatt beépül az ajándékba a szereteted is. (Kálnay Adél)"

2014. november 29., szombat

Inspired by Caprica

A friend of mine asked me to make these earrings, but I didn't have the pattern.
Then I started to string the beads, using my experience I gained as a self-taught.
Here is the result.
Among 9 mm bugle beads, 3 mm Czech facetted and seed beads 11/00, I used siam swarovski bicones regarding the blue one, and corall balls with respect to the red.

Roma by Sabine Lippert - full of swarovski

It was fun to bead according to Sabine's very well instructed and illustrated pattern!
I used the same colours as the one on Sabine's webpage.
I made the earrings using the smaller units of the necklace.

Playful earrings

Maybe you remember my bead embroidered pendant with black and orange.
I made a pair of playful earrings for it.
It's my own desing, using some CRAW.

CRAW & peyote

My combination of CRAW and peyote.
I made it for myself for a special occasion in my sons' school.
I like it beacause I can wear it with such a pretty little black dress like this, or I can put them on with jeans either. :-)

I met Robin Atkins!!!!!!!

I'm not a good writer...
I just want to share my great honour with You: I met Robin Atkins in person!!!!
I was invited by Anna Fehér to her home along with other very kind "beadacholic" women.
We have a deal, soon I'll tell more about.
Here are the photos of that beautiful day:

Beads on lace - unit 2.

I made a pair of tiny little earings for my bracelet.
So simple.